Let your FayetteFLOW!

A journey it was indeed, arts of all kinds-from hoop dance, juggling, to acro-yoga; not to mention the underground vibesgroovey beats by multiple DJs #LIT!!! Last Sunday (April 24th), as a family, we decided to go check out the FayetteFlow event at Gulley Park. Here's the experience:

Hoop dancing & juggling lessons


My wife, daughter & I stared as individuals learned the ways of yoga. This free event was put on by Sacred Somatics & Funkee Beats to help grow and unite an already amazing community of beautiful artists in the NWA area. The event went on into the night past 10pm. Something magical happened toward the end. When night fell, it provided the most potential for GREATNESS! "Why?" you ask. Two words. Long..................exposure. Over the years, long exposure has become more and more popular amongst the photography realm. If you haven't tried it, I recommend you do. Like, immediately! Below, I share a few images with you from that night. All I used to create these wonderful pieces of art was my Nikon camera and my tripod. Having a shutter release helps, but I only used a 2-second timer so I wouldn't get any camera shake. After, I let the natural moves of the artists take over with their lights and fire. I just captured the moments. Enjoy!

Oh, and then Sherri, my wife, decided she wanted to sit in a creek along the trails.......soooo I snapped a photo of that as well. Ha!