Themed Paint Shoot

Model:   Hannah Renee   Photograph by:   Brandon Watts

Model: Hannah Renee Photograph by: Brandon Watts

After watching Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman” video, I felt inspired to do my own photo shoot involving a pool full of paint. With this being my first attempt at shooting something like this, there was a huge learning curve during the process of making this shoot happen.

These are the things I learned for my next attempt at the pool full of paint:

1. I believe oil based paint would work better for this shoot. The paint was blending into the water too much for my liking. The oil based paint will help to create more of a separation between the paint and the water, which I would have preferred and would have loved to see.


2. The paint that we used on the model dried out fast. It started cracking and peeling on her skin - especially when she was submerged in water. This may have gone better if we had waited for the paint to dry a little longer, or just used a different type of paint. Take a look at the photo to the right to see what I mean.

3. Attaching a water hose to a sink to fill up a kiddie pool is very time consuming but, nonetheless, it worked just fine. By the time we finished painting the model, the pool was full and ready to go. The only issue is that the water was freezing cold because, of course, hot water will not stay hot for long. Next time we will need to figure out a way to heat the water so that it’s not cold. But, shout out to the model because she handle it like a champ!

Aside from the few things I’ve mentioned above, I’d say this photo shoot was a success and I can’t wait to do it again. 

Now, we can move forward to the good part. Check out the video and pictures below from this awesome themed paint shoot.. ENJOY!



Yes, that’s right - fan boy blog. For the longest I’ve been wanting to work with Ashley Little, designer of Ellen Elaine Designs, since I first saw her designs at NWA Fashion Week. Her work was amazing. AMAZING! Check out a few shots that I took of her designs that year:

Photos Taken: March 4, 2017

I remember speaking to one of the NWA fashion week models during an intermission. I told them to please tell Ashley Little I wanted to speak with her, Moments later, I was being introduce to her. I told her how I love her designs and would hope to work with her in the future. Now, lets fast forwarded to December 2, 2018 (a year and 9 months later) I was finally able to work with her. We had our models, Victoria Archer, Nicole Sizemore and Marshall Milligan, and our fabulous makeup artist, Enrique Salamanca. I also invited a good friend of mine, Kai Drachenberg, so that we could have our first big collaboration.

Just a bit of background info about Kai and I’s friendship. Kai and I befriended each other when I worked at Bedford Camera and Video. At that time, I knew Kai as more of a street photographer who had a great eye for capturing everyday things around the community. I was, and still am, a portrait photographer, but I wanted to learn from Kai and for him to learn from me. Without the help from Kai, my photography style would have gone in a totally different direction, but yet it is still in my own direction. I would like to think that I did the same for him. Now, Kai has stepped into the videography realm.

As you can imagine, our collaboration turned out to be great! Check out the behind the scenes highlight reel, shot and directed by Kai.


After seeing that amazing video, I’m sure you’re wondering about my part in all of this. I mean, I am the man behind the bulb. Well, wonder no more. Check out these amazing photos captured by yours truly, Brandon Watts. These are shots of Ashley Little’s custom designed bridal dresses.

MODEL: Marshall Milligan

Click on photos to enlarge!!

Model: Nicole Sizemore

Designer: Ashley Little

MakeUp Artist: Enrique Salamanca

1968 Cadillac Convertible: NWA Classic Cars

Photos by Brandon Watts


Click on photos to enlarge!!

Model: Marshall Milligan

Designer: Ashley Little

MakeUp Artist: Enrique Salamanca

1968 Cadillac Convertible: NWA Classic Cars

Photos by: Brandon Watts

MODEL: Victoria Archer

Click on photos to enlarge!!

Model: Victoria Archer

Designer: Ashley Little

MakeUp Artist: Enrique Salamanca

1968 Cadillac Convertible: NWA Classic Cars

Photos by: Brandon Watts




My vision for opening Studio 4seven9 was to create an establishment that is suitable for clients of all needs. Rather they are commercial clients, family clients, glamour clients, or models looking to build their portfolio, there is a place for them all at Studio 4seven9. 

I wanted Studio 4seven9 to make our clients feel as though they were being pampered at an all-inclusive resort. I wanted B. Watts Photography and Studio 4seven9 to offer more than just great quality photos, but also an unforgettable experience that they will never forget. By providing our own team of personal hairstylists and makeup artists, we are able to ensure that our clients are looking their very best at all times during their session. To make the experience even better, we offer cold beverages and play music per client’s request to help them feel more at home and pampered; in turn, allowing them to relax, be comfortable, enjoy the photo shoot, and walk away with photos they’re sure to love.

 As a photographer, I believe that the photography experience is just as important as the quality of the photos. I want to be able to encourage and build confidence in every client, rather it’s self-confidence or brand confidence. Whatever the reason may be, we will provided a professional experience that will be cherished in your heart and in a frame!

Now, let’s take a look at what it’s like to book B. Watts Photography and shoot at Studio 4seven9.



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  • Rochelle: @ro_ontheradio

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  • Victoria: @victorienka

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  • Francisco: @francisco._macias





Doors: An End To Hate!

I had the privilege and pleasure of visiting the Fayetteville Underground Art Gallery last month. Featured artist V.L. Cox’s collection of work “A MURDER OF CROWS: The End Hate collection” commemorated Art and Social Justice for the Month of April. I was left speechless, in fact, taken by her work; how it personally grabbed my attention and emotion. It shows so much of our past, but also the present and future.

The doors. Man, the painted doors with these words (White Only, Colored Only, LGBT Only, Immigrant Only, Homeless Only, Veteran Only, Women Only, and the last door with chains on it Human Beings).

When I saw them, I instantly wanted to utilize my skills and art to create art with hers. I wanted to do an epic photoshoot to further the message of ‘labels’ in our society.

According to, Label is defined as “a slip of paper, cloth, or other material, marked or inscribed, for attachment to something to indicate its manufacturer, nature, ownership, destination, etc.”

So why, as a society, do we place labels on people? How can we begin to label a person when labels cannot even fathom the depth of a human being? Can you believe in 2017 we still fighting oppression, racism, sexism, etc.?

And with this perceived notion of labels, it leads people to have prejudice against us. The notions take away from who we really are and our personality. In a lot of ways, we are alike, but different. We are alike because we are all human beings and should be treated as such. We are different because that’s what makes us great!

I asked a couple models for this shoot how they felt after seeing the exhibit, standing in front of the doors. Here are a few responses:

Going into the shoot, I was excited to be ‘representing’ women. But when we started to take the photos, I became somewhat uncomfortable... Even though it was just an art installation, I actually felt like I wasn’t allowed to step in front of the doors with categories I didn’t fit in. Which is crazy! It’s just words painted on a door!! I feel like it goes to show that when you classify someone by something as general as their gender, skin color, sexual orientation, or where they came, it has a lot of power to influence. But at the end of the day, you’re causing a social divide that really has no basis to be there.
— Carly Reaves
Seeing the exhibit was difficult, shocking, and inspiring all in the same experience. As a white kid born in 1994, I can very easily say I have not been exposed to the atrocities that took place in the days of the civil rights movement. This being the case, it is all too easy to not feel impacted by the history at any point in my life.
— Cody Collins

Not to make this blog an exhausting read, let me move into the photos that I hope is an eye opener to the blind, a breath of fresh air to the oppressed, and break barriers in the hearts and souls of everyone. Please share!

Thank you Fayetteville Underground Art Gallery, especially to Joëlle Strt, for allowing this photoshoot to happen. Also, thank you to the models who took time out to help bring this photoshoot to life and special thank you V. L. Cox for creating this powerful message.

To learn more about V.L. Cox and her art work please visit her website at

Springfest 2017 (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

Springfest 2017. Dickson Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Saturday, April 15, 2017.                   © Brandon Watts

Springfest 2017. Dickson Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Saturday, April 15, 2017.                   © Brandon Watts

It was that time of year again, where Saturday, April 15, marked the date of SPRINGFEST, 2017!  A family friendly event started in "1983 by merchants on Dickson Street as a way to celebrate the history, culture, and flavor of Fayetteville."

Sherri Watts, The Wife!                 © Brandon Watts

Sherri Watts, The Wife!                 © Brandon Watts




My wife and I had the pleasure of attending this year. The little one was off with the grandparents. Yassssss :D to kid free weekend, even though she would have loved it.





But, who wouldn't have loved an event where you can bring out the kids, shop, eat and have fun. You can enjoy the 5k run, the annual bed races and for the adults, THE BEER!!! (Thank You Arkansas Brewers Guild

Stones Throw Brewing.                                                                                                    © Brandon Watts

Stones Throw Brewing.                                                                                                    © Brandon Watts

What better way to enjoy a Saturday!

What I really love about Springfest more than the beer. Is the talent and entertainment that comes from the break dancers of the Breaking Habit Crew! I have seen them perform previously this year at the Block Street Party and the year before that and the year before that. I love being able to watch their growth and see such a diverse crowd come together and dance. 

If you haven't had a chance to see them perform, it's ok. I have a little highlight video you can watch. So, enough reading enjoy the rest of the pictures from Springfest and the video. Also, did I mention this is a pet friendly event to. 



Once Upon a Rooftop

Once upon a time in the city of Fayetteville, Arkansas there was a beautiful woman, a model matter of fact. She wore a black dress, with black heels, and red lipstick. She was deathly afraid of heights. Until the day she met a photographer with the idea of climbing a fire escape to take some breath taking photo's overlooking Fayetteville. She respected this photographer, his work and his ideas. So, step by step she climbed up the fire escape, to a breath taking scenery. Now, the height didn't seem so scary but more just calming, relaxing and the sense of freedom. Now, that she has overcome her fear, let the photoshoot begin on this cold rooftop night:



Kelan & Dani Proposal

OMG OMG OMG...This has to be one of my favorite photo shoots that I had the privilege of taking. When Kelan placed his trust in my photography to capture this once in a lifetime moment, I was honored. I knew this was something not to be taken for granted. It was magical, it was beautiful and filled with emotions. The look on Dani's face was priceless. Let's take a moment to Oooooh and Ahhhhh at this proposal/engagement shoot.


To Kelan & Dani, congrats again on the engagement and letting me share this moment with the both of you. Thank you for choosing "Your Photo's Favorite Photographer."


COSPLAY.............. ~MAD MOXXI~

As kids, we all loved to play some form of dress-up or 'pretending'. We all know for ladies, it was not only that, but also playing in makeup! For people like Alex (in the scrolling pic), old habits don't  die hard. Huh? What? You may ask, "hold up, why is she painting her face white?" Well my friends, you're about to embark on an incredible transformation. The only difference between what we did as kids and what Alex does is, now, as adults, there's a fancier word for it: ..................................................................COSPLAY! 

Introducing..........*drum roll*...........MAD MOXXI!!!  For those who don't know, in another realm, Mad Moxxi is the host/MC of colosseum-style matches of what's called "The Underdome". Little is known about her other than she is, in fact, an unapologetic sadist and created The Underdome to keep herself occupied until she finds a new husband. The amount of fun I had with this, we tried so many different things. First we started with some shots in the studio.


Then, we headed to one of my favorite sites for some real fun. Check it out!

When I was in 6th grade, I fell in love with anime and comic culture. I waited until high-school to wear my first costume & it was one of the best experiences I’d ever had. Putting on these costumes give me an extreme amount of confidence in myself. I decided last year to make my first costume, as opposed to buying one. Mad Moxxi is the second costume I’ve made from scratch. She was a challenge because I’m not a seamstress, so the jacket took a lot of trial and error. I’ve wanted to gain the level of confidence necessary to put on the makeup and the costume. I plan to continue to grow and make more and more costumes. Cosplay has truly become my favorite pastime and passion.
— Alex Adams


Something new. I've always wanted to do black light photography. It just so happens that a photographer friend of mine, Kai, does black light paintings........and BAM! One late Saturday turned into a night of collaboration. He already had the space and some of his work as backgrounds. I invested in a few more black lights, some paint and took my equipment over. Bada bing, bada bang, we have a photoshoot! Our model, Sirena, so graciously gave her time and allowed us to utilize her for this magical night.

Capturing a shot in the mirror of Kai shooting Sirena....#LiveActionShot

Capturing a shot in the mirror of Kai shooting Sirena....#LiveActionShot

Applying paint....

Applying paint....

One of my favs from that night....

One of my favs from that night....

Let your FayetteFLOW!

A journey it was indeed, arts of all kinds-from hoop dance, juggling, to acro-yoga; not to mention the underground vibesgroovey beats by multiple DJs #LIT!!! Last Sunday (April 24th), as a family, we decided to go check out the FayetteFlow event at Gulley Park. Here's the experience:

Hoop dancing & juggling lessons


My wife, daughter & I stared as individuals learned the ways of yoga. This free event was put on by Sacred Somatics & Funkee Beats to help grow and unite an already amazing community of beautiful artists in the NWA area. The event went on into the night past 10pm. Something magical happened toward the end. When night fell, it provided the most potential for GREATNESS! "Why?" you ask. Two words. Long..................exposure. Over the years, long exposure has become more and more popular amongst the photography realm. If you haven't tried it, I recommend you do. Like, immediately! Below, I share a few images with you from that night. All I used to create these wonderful pieces of art was my Nikon camera and my tripod. Having a shutter release helps, but I only used a 2-second timer so I wouldn't get any camera shake. After, I let the natural moves of the artists take over with their lights and fire. I just captured the moments. Enjoy!

Oh, and then Sherri, my wife, decided she wanted to sit in a creek along the trails.......soooo I snapped a photo of that as well. Ha!

#ROWWeek2k16 KAPPA SIG PresentS...French Montana

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's that time of year again. #RowWeek2k16 Sorority girls, frat boys and your speckles of non-greeks.
There are plenty more photos than what's scrolling below. If you can conjure up a memory of getting a photo taken of you, click "Contact Me" below to send a message. I will try to find you.

This year, with a partner, I had the pleasure of photographing the Crawfish Boil & French Montana concert events hosted by University of Arkansas' Kappa Sig Fraternity. Check out the video from the concert!